Looking to enable the DVD/TV to work on the move on your BMW CiC (Car Infotainment Computer). We offer the easiest solution ever! Simply send us your car VIN number and we will send you a specially coded disc. Enabling you to activate and deactivate your car's TV in motion as often as you want!

You will be sent the unlocking solution by electronic download to unlock your car even quicker!

The software works on cars made for all world regions — Europe, United States, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Australia and many more..

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About The Unlock

The activation disc will allow veiwing of the CiC DVD player and TV tuner while your car is moving!

No need for installation of any modules, just put the unlocking disc into your navigation. wait a few minutes and your passengers are ready to enjoy your TV and DVD player while driving!

It Really is that Simple!!!


Video in motion is available for all BMW†cars with Car Infotainment Computer (CIC). Including:

  • BMW 1 Series†from 10/2008 (E81/E82/E87/E88/F20/F21)
  • BMW 2 Series†model year 2014-2016 (F22/F45/F87)
  • BMW 3 Series†from 10/2008 (E90/E92/E93/F80)
  • BMW X1† (E84/F48)
  • BMW X3†(F25)
  • BMW X5†from MY 2010 (E70/F85)
  • BMW X6†from MY 2010 (E71/F86)
  • BMW Z4†from MY 2009 (E89)

Super Unlocking Features

Three of the main reasons to go for our unlocking solution over using expensive hardware modules or indy programming;


Some of the more commonly asked questions. Ask another question: Email us.

Do I need a special USB Stick?

You can use our USB unlocking solution with any standard USB stick.
Our unlocks come with easy to follow instructions so you don't need to have any special tools or skills. It's very easy to do.

How long does the process take?

This year we have got the unlocking process down to a lightning fast 60 seconds.

Getting you unlocked is faster and quicker than ever!!!

Why do I need to send my VIN?

Each unlocking solution is specifically coded to that individuals car, this ensures 100% compatibility. Do not attempt to use your unlock on another car or it will fail.

You sent me a CD Unlock?

Some older vehicles still use CD Based unlocking, in the event this happens, we will supply you the CD file and CD burning software so you can burn your own disc. t his is quicker and cheaper than shipping you a physical disc.